Helen and Georgina

Name: Helen

Child: Georgina Rose – 13 months.

Location: West Didsbury 

Expectations of motherhood: I have always wanted to be a mummy. I thought I would love it but nothing prepared me for the enormous LOVE you feel for your own child. 

My image of a ‘typical day with a baby’ was slightly different to the reality of it. I imagined getting ready for my day when my baby slept peacefully in her crib/cot and then having tea (or wine) and cake dates and going to baby classes. In reality, I do meet people, eat, drink and go to classes but getting myself ready is now a matter of how quickly can I do it (simple things such as drying my hair have taken a back seat). 

I was told before Georgina was born ‘you’ll never wee alone again’ and they were right. Since Georgina has been on the move I have always have a little inquisitive person by my side. 

Before Georgina arrived, I was extremely excited I couldn’t wait to meet her. We didn’t actually know we were having a girl so I was looking forward to finding out whether she was a she or he. I kept wondering what she would look like but nothing prepared me for just how gorgeous she is and I constantly ask myself ‘how did we make her?’.  

Reality of motherhood: It’s the best job I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s challenging and the one job you’ll do that you’re given full responsibility on day one without any training or a manual. That said, if you were given a manual you would call the author within a matter of hours of having your baby to complain that the instructions don’t work!

In the first few weeks/months it felt very surreal having a baby. I honestly thought someone would knock on the door and say you’ve had your time now and ask for her back! 

I don’t think anyone can fully prepare you for motherhood; the love, joy, happiness these little people bring but also just how exhausted you will be. I was worried about the lack of sleep but I never fully comprehended the fact that I wouldn’t sleep through the night again! But saying that when I’m up in the night and I’m exhausted I see her looking at me with her big blue eyes and cheeky smile, I completely forget about being tired. The bags under my eyes the next day usually tell the story of our previous evening. I’ve found the only way to cope is chocolate in copious amounts (and wine!). 

Before I had Georgina, if I dropped food (accidentally, of course) or if there was a mark on my clothes I would change my outfit before leaving the house. These days I’m usually styling Georgina’s various meals on my clothes and in my hair. If I change my outfit every time I have food, sick or snot on them I would never leave the house.

Taking your child home for the first time: After our little water baby was born, we got ready to leave the hospital just hours after giving birth (despite me asking to stay longer). I got our new camera ready to capture the special moment of us taking our gorgeous girly home. However, despite us spending several hours in John Lewis deciding which pram and car seat to have, Georgina’s first reaction to the car seat was sheer disgust. She absolutely hated it. So my picture of her and her daddy ready to go home is not as planned; she is screaming. 

As we approached our car with beaming smiles on our face (and luckily Georgina had stopped crying) another dad past us and said ‘Congratulations! Good luck!’ and ‘Your life has now changed forever’. 

I spent the entire journey looking at Georgina, our very special cargo, whilst my husband drove home (very slowly). I hadn’t comprehended how long I was and still am able to just look at her. 

Hardest parts of being a mother: You’re on duty 24/7 365 days a year. A tiny little person is dependent on you and their daddy for everything. You’re their world. I constantly worry about her but I wouldn’t change my new life for anything. 

Best parts of being a mother: Watching Georgina grow and develop. I can’t believe she is over 1 now! When she looks at me I can’t help but smile at her. When she laughs and talks to you (baby talk that is) it’s the best sound, as a parent, you’ll ever hear. Whilst I question everything I do, all she wants is to be with me (or my husband) and it’s easy to forget the sheer joy she gets just from playing with us. 
Best advice: Every stage of a baby/child is amazing. 
This is so true. I keep thinking every day is amazing as I watch her do new things. Over the past 13 months I honestly can’t say one day, week or month has been better than another; they have all been fantastic. 

Join a mummy group. We did NCT and met 7 other couples. All of them are lovely and I’ve formed really close friendships with them. The support I’ve had from these ladies is invaluable. 

Worst advice: When you feed your baby solid food she will sleep through the night. This is NOT true (well for us anyway). Also that sleeping from midnight to 5am is sleeping through the night. This, in my eyes, is NOT true. When would you ever classify 5 hours as a good night’s sleep?

Has motherhood changed you? Definitely. I put her at the centre of everything I do. My priorities have completely changed. A good day out now consists of anything Georgina will like, whether it be soft play, baby groups or going to a farm/zoo.  

Hopes for your family: That our family is healthy and happy. I’m looking forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us and watching Georgina grow and develop. This new chapter of our life is exciting and wonderful. 
Advice to new and expectant mothers: Enjoy every moment of it. It goes too quickly! There will be times when it’s really hard but you’re not alone. It’s a learning curve but you will be doing a fantastic job and all your little one wants is to be with you. 

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