Mothers in lockdown: Clare

Name: Clare

Children’s ages: 2 x 20 month twin brothers 

Location: Hebden Bridge

What were your initial thoughts about how lockdown would affect you?
I found my maternity leave looking after twins really hard – both mentally and physically. So part of me was very nervous about heading into another type of isolation. However the other part of me was very proud I’d managed to get through that time so I knew I’d be able to cope and having my husband at home surely it would be easier than before?! 

What was the reality of those first few weeks?
The first few weeks felt like a novelty and really enjoyed mixing up work and childcare at home with my partner.  Not having to commute was great too. We split the work and childcare very evenly. We’ve always had to do that though…cos, twins! However, in hindsight, I went into lockdown with cute babies and have almost come out on the other side with full on toddlers so the last couple months have felt more and more challenging. 

Has lockdown changed over time for you as the restrictions have been eased?  Putting the Mack and Wes back in nursery a couple of weeks ago was great. I was very nervous about how I would feel about the possibly of any of us catching covid however the nursery have been brilliant at keeping us informed and keeping all the children safe. 

Have there been easy/positive aspects of lockdown?
Yes, slowing down has been wonderful. I’m not sure why I’m still so knackered though? We’re very aware how lucky we are to have stayed healthy all the way through. 
I also know I’m very privileged to have all this time watching my babies grow and change too.

Have there been difficult/negative aspects of lockdown? 
Not seeing my mum, and not having any form of entertainment like toddler groups/soft play available for my children to go to. 

Being isolated but at the same time feeling like I have no alone time. 

And not having a garden! 

I definitely also feel very envious of people who have been able to pick up new hobbies or read books. I can manage a scroll through Instagram at the end of the day at that’s it. 

Has your work been affected? 
Yes and no. It’s great to know working at home won’t be seen as a difficult request from now on. It will mean no worrying about being late for nursery pick up, more time to make meals, &  more to time to spend with my family. Now the boys are back in nursery, less so, but juggling it all at the beginning was an impossible task.

What has helped you get through lockdown? 
Netflix, wine, and trying not to think too far ahead. 

Have you learnt anything, during lockdown, that you will want carry forward as it is eased? Are there things that you might even miss?Taking each day as it comes is something I’m really trying to continue to do. I know I’ll look back and think how on earth did I cope and I’m sure I’ll end up missing the long sunny days I’ve had with my family. Conveniently forgetting the whining & screaming toddlers of course!

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