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The Questions:


Child/children (and ages):


Expectations of Motherhood:

Reality of Motherhood:

Taking your child/children home for the first time:

The best/worst advice:

The hardest part/s of being a mother:

The best part/s of being a mother:

Has becoming a mother changed you?

*NEW QUESTION* Has your perspective on work changed since becoming a mother?

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What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums:

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How it works

‘The Mothers’ is a collection of stories from Mothers, told in their own words. The project has been running for 8 years and is not-for-profit; a community created entirely to support mums.

When answering the questions, it’s good to have a minimum of about 75 words per answer, but that is only a suggestion.

When you’re done send them back to themothersphotos@gmail.com.

I will spell-check, and do a small ‘edit’ (making sure there’s no missing words/punctuation) but in essence what you send is what will get posted on the site.

When I receive your answers I’ll be back in touch to arrange the photos—bear with me, it may take a while to get back to you, but I will get back to you.

You can choose any location for the pictures, but most mums choose to have them done at home. I occasionally have to book in the shoots weeks in advance (mainly with school-age kids at the weekend). Midweek shoots can usually be slotted in around my work quite quickly and easily. Shoots will take 1/1.5hrs.

I will send you all (full-size) images after the shoot and you can use them however you’d like to—that’s my thank you for being part of the project. You will choose the pictures (up to 10) that go up with your piece.

I upload a new mums’ story on to www.the-mothers.co.uk each week. So you may find if there’s a queue of mums ready to go up there may be a few weeks between writing your answers/taking the photos/being uploaded on to the site. You can update your answers at any time before the post goes live.

When the piece is ready to go live I will share a picture on the project’s Facebook and Instagram sites, but do let me know if you have any concerns about this.

*Nb. I can only offer photography to mums in the Greater Manchester area as this is not-for-profit and I fund all travel costs myself.