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Do you want to tell your own story of motherhood? Want to be featured on the site? 
‘The Mothers’ features stories of mothers of all ages with children of all ages.
Answer the questions in advance and send them to me at themothersphotos@gmail.com
*****As this is a non-profit project I’m having to limit photo shoots to the Manchester, UK area. I would love to travel to include all mums who are interested in taking part, but unfortunately it’s currently not feasible. Many apologies if that rules you out.***** 
Here are the questions for ‘The Mothers’
Child/children (and ages):
Expectations of Motherhood:
Reality of Motherhood:
Taking your child/children home for the first time:
The best/worst advice:
The hardest part/s of being a mother:
The best part/s of being a mother:
Has becoming a mother changed you:
Hopes for your (growing) family:
What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums:
Any other info that will support/add to your profile:
As soon as I receive the email with your answers I’ll be in touch to book you in for photos. You get to keep all full size images as a thank you for taking part.
Alternatively, I understand that not everyone enjoys writing. If that’s the case, send me an email and we can book in a slightly longer meeting where I’ll interview you and photograph you at the same time.  
And if you’ve been part of the project already:
Child/Children and ages:
Previous blog entry: (for me to fill in)
Life since the last blog post:
Motherhood since last being on the blog:
Has motherhood changed you?:
Hardest part/s of being a mother:
Best part/s of being a mother:
What you wish you’d known before having children:
Any more advice for mothers and expectant mums:
Any additional info: (links to blogs, websites, twitter etc.)