I was a fairly new mum and was beginning to emerge from the most hectic two years of my life. I had one daughter and was due to have another, and found myself dwelling constantly on ‘motherhood’.

Why are there are so many things that go unsaid?

Why did no-one warn me about what was coming?

I’d been so shocked at how unprepared I was – my life had changed unrecognisably – and so I wanted to create a forum where women could share their stories and experiences of being mothers without feeling judged.

‘The Mothers’ project began, and with it a community of supportive women and their wildly different and amazing children. ‘The Mothers’ grows every week and now over 100 women have been featured on the blog. If you’re a new mum and need some reading material in those wee-small-hours, or you’re pregnant and feeling ever so curious about what you might have in store, this is the place for you.

Everyone is welcome here.