Leyla and Noah

Name: Leyla Cooke 

Child: Noah Cooke 12 months

Location: Haydock

Expectations of Motherhood: I had been told soooo many times that there is no feeling that compares to the love a mother feels for their child and I can vouch that this is absolutely true! I had anticipated it to be joyous but following quite a traumatic birth, and emergency c-section, I would never have thought I would stay awake for what was probably the next 24hours just staring at him! It really is love at first sight; beyond my expectations! 

Reality of Motherhood: It is wonderful! Everyday is new and everyday he amazes me. Don’t get me wrong it is challenging, especially now he is on the move. I need eyes in the back of my head! There are long nights and teething is THE worst but the smiles, cuddles and the ‘I made that gorgeous human being’ outweigh the difficult parts! 

Taking your child home for the first time: Truly terrifying and utterly overwhelming. I remember hobbling into our lounge holding Noah and bursting into tears; my sobs punctuated with ‘this is the house we bought so we could have you…’ Cringey and a little cliche but it was how I felt!

The best advice: To drink in each and every moment as time passes too quickly. Oh boy it does!

The worst advice: I received constant nagging that I would be creating a rod for my own back by constantly holding him, breast feeding him or baby wearing. This time is precious so enjoy every snuggle.

The hardest parts of being a mother: Sleep deprivation is one thing that no one can prepare you for! The guilt you feel when having to return to work.

The best parts of being a mother:
The way in which motherhood seems to open up a whole other world to you! New friends, new social activities and new priorities! Knowing that your little one can pave the way for a better future and world!

Has becoming a mother changed you?
It has changed me massively. I’m notorious as a perfectionist; I like things ‘just so’. Having a family has made me loosen the reigns, become more laid back and enjoy simple things!! 

Hopes for your family:
Happiness and health! We hope that one day we will add to our little trio too but until then our little unit is perfect. 

What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums:
Don’t be too hard on yourself! From the moment you find out you’re pregnant the advice, worries, the dos and dont’s come rolling in. Remember that you are human and simply do what you can, when you can and what works for you!

Also, breast feeding is a lot more difficult than you’re led to believe. The early days are hard but stick at it and seek support should you wish to continue!  

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