Rachael and Francis

Name: Rachael

Child: Francis, 5

Location: Wilmslow 

Previous blog entry: https://the-mothers.co.uk/2018/01/23/rachael-and-francis/

Life since the last blog post: Francis started school last September and we haven’t managed to slow down the treadmill yet. I thought our lives were pretty full on with both being self employed but since he’s started school our family calendar is busting with play dates, after-school football, a million parties for his new friends, rugby, fun runs, wrestling before bath and this new not so welcomed homework and reading book.

Somethings never change though as he’s still not sleeping past 6am or riding his bike. 

Motherhood since last being on the blog: I’m calmer and I love him more. I’m more proud than last time. If that’s even possible. He does my head in with his early mornings and constant snack requests but geez I’m so proud of what he’s achieved over the last six months at school, learning to read and write and follow all those new rules at school.

Wow he even can get himself dressed in the morning although this happens about once a week on his own if I’m lucky. 

Has motherhood changed you?: Absolutely. I am constantly in awe of my mum and dad and how they raised us. How they are unfalteringly caring and loving – something I continue to to try to do. No one will know how hard this is as a mum when you’re just so exhausted.  

Has your perspective on work changed since becoming a mother? Well I’m now two years into the messy play business, thriving and loving it. Having no longer worked “for the man” for these couple of years I am so much happier as a human and a mummy. 

Running a messy play group I feel I’m doing something important and something that’s valuable to parents and carers in the north west. I’m never gonna be a millionaire, but giving mums (mostly) the chance to have a valuable hour with their littles is important to me. 

It obviously helps with my mum life balance too. I’m now currently enjoying Monday nights in the wind and rain watching Francis play football. He spends a lot of time wrestling when he’s supposed to be tackling but I enjoy being there on the sideline, honestly, and I’m sure he likes me being there too. 

Working for myself also allows me to walk with Francis to and from school and we don’t have to sell a kidney for after school clubs. It means I hear all about his day, when he’s in the mood to tell me. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a “sharer” like me! 

Hardest parts of being a mother: The sleep deprivation continues. I must bore everyone on this subject but sometimes it’s still all-encompassing. It’s also relentless being his “snack bitch” 24/7. 

Best parts of being a mother: When he holds my hand as we walk to school.

When he literally “demands” hugs, even if it comes with the iPad! 

What you wish you’d known before having children: It’s so damn difficult but there’s no other joy like it. I used to think boozing til all hours made me really happy, but sometimes his made up jokes are all I need.  

You really don’t need the bottle prep machine, steriliser, sleep app, bottle warmer etc…. time and patience is all I’d advise. Obviously this is easier said than done. 

Any more advice for mothers and expectant mums: When family or friends offer help, take it. You will always need it and you’ll miss it when it’s not around. 

Rachael runs Splat Messy Play and can be found here:


Instagram: @splat_eastcheshire

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