Jo and Reenie


Name: Jo

Child: Reenie, 2 yrs

Location: Chorlton

Expectations of motherhood: I’m not sure I really knew what to expect. I was too busy worrying about the birth and avoiding episodes of one born every minute! We had waited a long time for Reenie and had miraculously conceived after 2nd round IVF. It took a long time for me to relax and settle into pregnancy but I was fortunate enough to finish work a couple of months before the birth so I fully embraced yoga and as much me time as possible (alongside renovating an entire house!)

Reality of motherhood: The first month the heating hummed on constant and I was in a massive baby bubble. Nothing else mattered as we got to grips with breast-feeding and figuring out how best to get at least 4/5 hours sleep. Reenie is now a non-stop little ball of energy, its amazing to watch her discover new things everyday but also very tiring trying to keep her entertained and I now realise why a lot of woman say they go back to work for a break!


Taking our child home for first time: As much as I felt prepared for the sleepless nights/nappy changing and feeding worries it was more the realisation that a little human being now depends on me entirely to survive. That first month was a bubble of tea and toast in bed at very random hours, lovely baby presents and flowers dotted around house and planning a quick route home whenever we left the house!

The best and worst advice: I struggled with breast-feeding and found it very painful initially. I raced to my local breast-feeding counselling session at the local library when Reenie was 5 days old and met the most wonderful, down to earth midwife who had a queue of teary, new mums. Getting my knockers out in a public library wasn’t something I had envisaged! I remember feeling confused about a lot of contradictory advice from professionals. I realised pretty early on to listen to all advice but it was more about what worked for us as a family.


Hardest part of being a mother: The lack of me time and the realisation that holidays will never be the same again!

Best part of being a mother: Seeing Reenie change everyday, the times where we all laugh so hard at the silliest things and that over whelming sensation of love I feel for her when she falls asleep in my arms in front of the telly.


Has being a mother changed me? I now find myself crying at pretty much everything on the television, I need a whole box of kleenex to get through 24 hours in A&E!

I put my family on a bit of a backfoot as I climbed the career ladder in London but now my family is more important to me than ever and watching Gran’s relationship with Reenie is very special.

Hopes for your family: That we will continue to be healthy and happy and always make the time to be very silly!

Advice for new and expectant mums: Take all advice on board but ultimately follow your own instincts, its tough at times so don’t forget to be kind to yourself too!

Additional info: 

Jo is one of the founder members of ‘Our Kids Social’.
Our Kids Social came about as a direct result of our Motherhood. Friends who coincidentally landed on mat leave at the same time, we shared laughter, tears and endless brews. After all the usual soft play and baby classes, we wanted something different and  eventually decided to take the plunge – in Feb 2016 we had our first Social.




With the purpose of bringing families together in our creative community we aimed something for everyone – and the opportunity for a pint. We wanted a ‘knees up with your nippers’ and this is exactly what we have done. collaborating with local small businesses we pioneer family focussed social events with music, arts, sensory and fun. DJs, Silent Disco, Face-Paint, Craft and more!

With a variety of social events across the North-West’s iconic buildings, Supper Clubs at our fave family restaurants, festival pop-ups and infamous birthday parties – we are growing and we are so proud of what we have achieved.

You can find us at –

FB – ourkidssocial

Insta and Twitter – @ourk_s


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