Hannah, Rita and Griff


Children: Rita 2, Griff 4 Months
Location: Manchester
Expectations of Motherhood: An enjoyable challenge!
Reality of Motherhood: The most enjoyment and the biggest challenge ever. An uphill battle followed by complete happiness. On repeat.
Taking your children home for the first time: She was so small, a couple of weeks early and caught us a little unprepared – my partner had to go and buy the mattress for the Moses basket whilst we were still in hospital. I remember just looking at her aaaaaall the time.
The best advice: Griff was born by emergency c-section and I was advised that I couldn’t drive / lift / exercise etc for 6 weeks. This was the best time – I wish I had done the same with Rita. Just ‘being’ at home with family – no pressure to go anywhere or see anyone. No need to do anything or even leave the house! Everyone should do this for at least 6 weeks when a baby is born. 
Worst advice: I didn’t have any really bad advice, but I think comparison is a new Mother’s worst enemy and should be avoided at all costs!
The hardest parts of being a mother: Making sure you have time for yourself – that you don’t come last in the priority list all of the time – that you take care of your body and mind – that you always continue to do things you love.
The best parts of being a mother: The laughter. Every day there are new reasons to smile.
Has becoming a mother changed you? Yes, I think I worry less about small things and my patience has grown. I am more laid back at work and more understanding of others managing their own daily juggles.
Hopes for your family: I hope we get to travel together as much as possible.
What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums: When you are in that moment of colic / teething / sleep deprivation / constipation / tantrum / potty training etc then try to remember – everything is a phase. It too shall pass. And then remember it’s the same for all those beautiful perfect moments too, and treasure them. I would also add that Motherhood is not a solo journey – reach out to others. Family, your oldest friends, other parents you are only just meeting – they will all help you, as you will them.


Additional info: 

Hannah is one of the founder members of ‘Our Kids Social’.


Our Kids Social came about as a direct result of our Motherhood. Friends who coincidentally landed on mat leave at the same time, we shared laughter, tears and endless brews. After all the usual soft play and baby classes, we wanted something different and  eventually decided to take the plunge – in Feb 2016 we had our first Social.




With the purpose of bringing families together in our creative community we aimed something for everyone – and the opportunity for a pint. We wanted a ‘knees up with your nippers’ and this is exactly what we have done. collaborating with local small businesses we pioneer family focussed social events with music, arts, sensory and fun. DJs, Silent Disco, Face-Paint, Craft and more!


With a variety of social events across the North-West’s iconic buildings, Supper Clubs at our fave family restaurants, festival pop-ups and infamous birthday parties – we are growing and we are so proud of what we have achieved.


You can find us at – www.ourkids.social
FB – ourkidssocial
Insta and Twitter – @ourk_s




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