Rebecca and Taylor

Name: Rebecca 

Child: Taylor, 9 months


Expectations of Motherhood: I was the eldest child in my family so I think | expected slightly to have it all sussed. I had been looking after my siblings for years, I’d changed nappies, made bottles – all the stuff you expect babies to need really. I strangely wasn’t that nervous but think I was enjoying my pregnancy so much I didn’t think too much in depth about the struggles likely to be ahead.

Reality of Motherhood: I went into labour 5 weeks early. I was physically prepared (nursery done, everything bought and ready, bag packed) but not mentally prepared. It was quite scary. I was still so wrapped up in being happily pregnant (well apart from the hot weather – that was awful!) that it didn’t give me time to worry about what was to come. I had an easy labour considering and my husband was amazing throughout. 

Taylor was so tiny. My expectations of knowing what to do went out the window. Yeah I could change a nappy, but I felt I couldn’t hold him without breaking him, and constantly worried about if he was too hot or too cold. I have since come to realise, as much as you worry in the newborn stage, it is far easier than when they become more aware and crave your attention. That is far more exhausting than I ever expected!

Taking your child home for the first time:
We were in hospital just over a week with Taylor being early and a tiny 4lb 1oz. By then I felt at home with the midwives there for support and friends I had made in other beds on the ward. I didn’t want to leave as that would make it real. We would be alone with a baby. I wouldn’t have my safety net of professional people around me looking in and telling me I was doing good. I was excited all the same though and was glad to get back to my own bed! (not that I would be sleeping in it much from now on).


The best/worst advice: Hard to remember the advice I’ve been given. I quite like doing things my own way and relying on my instincts. Different advice works for different babies.

The hardest parts of being a mother: Well lack of sleep for one! But I’m sure all mothers know that one. I’d say when your child gets sick. A sniffle seems like the scariest thing in the world for a first time mum. You tear your hair out thinking the worst then within a couple of days they’re back to their normal selves and its like it never happened.

The best parts of being a mother: The smiles, the giggles, the milestones, the cuddles. The list is endless really. The thought that you made this little person and they love you to death no matter what.

Has becoming a mother changed you? Being a mother hasn’t changed me but it has changed my perspective on life. Before now I was fairly career focused and wanted to go as far as could. Now I just feel that stuff doesn’t matter and I will work to live and not live to work. I still work, as I like my job and the security it gives me, but I will just be looking forward to the days I can spend with my little boy.

Hopes for your family: Just to be happy and have fun together.

What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums? Enjoy the newborn days. It seems hard and scary at the time, but just appreciate it. Watching them grow is amazing and learning new things. Everyone tells you it goes too fast and it really does! You don’t realise till it’s gone. Enjoy the whole experience as much as possible and take lots of photographs! Oh and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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