Anna, Nerys and Gethyn


Name: Anna

Children: Nerys, 5, and Gethyn, 3

Location: Manchester

Expectations of Motherhood: I thought there would be a lot more baking. I expected to be tired, I expected to be busy, but I also expected to be calm. I thought my approach to a laid back life would translate into mother hood.

I was really looking forward to post card family times. I was looking forward to days out and conversations about why the world was like it was.


Reality of Motherhood: Yikes. The tiredness. That first baby is a shock, but the second isn’t. Gethyn sort of had to fit in to the routine Nerys and I had figured out.

The mundane becomes incredible the incredible can be dull. It’s never the same and often repetitive.

Taking your children home for the first time: I was poorly with Nerys. We had a ropey/ scary/ near-death start so to be home was incredible.

Our warm home, away from drips, away from blood pressure monitors, away from strangers and just us in our bubble. I was also tired… don’t forget that… tired.



The best/worst advice: Nerys was a small weight – The best advice I was given was ‘Enjoy your baby – she will only get bigger’. An obvious comment, but needed at the time.

The worst advice was ‘try not worry’. So to all mums and preggos out there – you wanna panic? Go worry! Go panic! You aren’t stupid. You know your body, you know your baby and you know you bump. You want to get checked? Get checked.

The hardest parts of being a mother: I have an invisible bag of guilt that I put things in when I think I haven’t done something brilliantly. Sometimes it’s a disrupted routine, sometimes it’s the second biscuit, sometimes it’s the rushed kiss goodbye as I go to work.

The best parts of being a mother: Days out – my family have nailed it.

We love packing the flask and a Polaroid and off we go. My Instagram is littered with children having days out at the beach, MOSI, Art Galleries, Eureka and woodland paths.

Has becoming a mother changed you: I feel brave, like I have just made some humans, but paradoxically scared – I have just made some humans.


I have less time for metaphorical shit and more exposure to actual shit.

Hopes for your family: More time for holidays together. Not the big annual one. I want to do more weekends away camping, now they are a bit bigger I am hoping it’s easier to manage.

The bigger picture – I just want us to all like and love each other more and more.

I like our little team, I want us to remain a team even when Nerys and Gethyn are grown ups and I’ve lost my teeth.

What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums:

Trust yourself. You got this.

Extra Info: Anna is an artist and specialises in Lino prints. Have a look here:


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