Sarah and Rosa

Name: Sarah 
Child: Rosa aged 19 months 
Location: Levenshulme, Manchester
Expectations of Motherhood: I expected lots of sleepless nights. I was excited to be a mum, I wanted to do my very best for my baby. 
Taking your child home for the first time:  Surreal! It was dark and rainy and we weren’t sure how to fit the car seat. I sat in the back terrified, as Rosa was screaming at being strapped in. 
Reality of Motherhood:  It’s amazing how quickly that being tired just becomes normal. I love being a mum, I’m so proud of my daughter.
The best/worst advice: I tried to take advice with a pinch of salt, and ignore most of it, no one knows your baby like you do.
The hardest parts of being a mother: Remembering to still be ‘you’, finding time to spend with your other half as a couple when all you want to do is lie on the sofa and stare at the telly, going back to work. 
The best parts of being a mother: I love taking Rosa to places that I visited as a child with my parents, I love playing music to her and watching her reaction, I love seeing me and her dad in her facial expressions. 
Hopes for your family: I hope for Rosa to always be as confident as she is now, to not be phased by new situations. I want Rosa to be a big sister one day.
What advice would you offer to new and expectant mums: To ask for advice from professionals if you need it, don’t be afraid of going to the doctors if you’re worried about anything at all, however trivial it may seem, go to all the mum and baby groups you can, relax and enjoy each phase as it goes so fast it’s unreal.

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